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The Farmer: Aubrey Cupit


Aubrey Cupit is a Greensboro native.  He is the Garden Manager at the Greensboro Montessori School and co-teaches in the gardening program.  He has worked in all divisions of the school from Toddler through Middle School.


Aubrey has helped with garden projects and on farms throughout the community including Goat Lady Dairy, Urban Harvest, Edible Schoolyard, Whitaker Farms, and Nimby Gardens.  He graduated from UNCG in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a minor in Anthropology.   He enjoys spending time with food and people.  He continues to find ways to integrate art into gardening and life and his passion for the Earth, food, and art has led him to permaculture.  


Permaculture has given him a direction and he is a certified permaculture designer.  He hopes to continue growing gardens throughout the community and nurture young minds into creative, compassionate individuals by showing them the wonders of the Earth.  


Working on farms throughout his college career and after, has developed Aubrey's passion for farming.  He plans on being a grower for years to come and offer educational services for those looking to learn about producing food whether on a small home scale or a large farm.    

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